‘Spitting’ John!!!

A young man, raise by a caring parent, a peaceful environment, unbeatable privilege to do whatever he likes all on the platter of his parent affluence…
There was once a day, after a hectic period of study in the high school, i mean holiday. His parent decided to celebrate his presence after a long period of absence at home. Mum decided one of the morning to give him a treat!… She prepared for him semovita with a good dish, a full chicken without reservation, assorted drinks of high quality and the list went on and on. Dad decided that morning to present him with a gift of a laptop (at least to encourage him). All this was planned for month.
That very morning, John(the young man) woke up receiving a warm ‘good morning’ and a smile from his parent. After his personal clean up, he met the table already set. Waoh! he exclaimed as he sat at his usual corner of the dinning set. His parent was happy for his countenance unknown to them that John was cooking up something… But to the surprise of everyone, John SPAT on the faces of his parents… Mum and dad were dumbfounded at the scenario that unfolded. The hurted mum, trying to clean her face of the stench said:’Why have you done this?’. His disappointed dad was speechless…

Do you know that most times you are the ‘John’. His parent, we may call ‘God’. You were given everything you need, i mean the breathe of life, food, shelther,clothing, sound health, good job and name it. The scene at the dinning floor always occur when you SIN against God. It keeps God embarrased and ashamed of you. SIN is that stench that makes the father disappointed with the child. Are you still wallowing in sin? Do you want to be delivered from the stench?. The good news is that God is ready to clean you up and deliver you. He is ready to forget those splitting on His face!

If only you can give your life to Jesus today… He wants to have you back. He loves you. He only has the power to save you. Make a decision for Jesus today, tomorrow may be too late. God bless you as you do that!

Ensure you comment and share this story with another person. You never can know that another ‘JOHN’ may be saved today!!! Alikama… More at http://www.friendsofmissions.wordpress.com


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