The Commissioning of Ambassadors!

October 28 to November 3, 2013 was a remarkable week for a great movement of evangelicals in Nigeria, ie Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) , A Member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Student (IFES) as she holds her Trienniel Missions Conference ie Witness 2013 at Kwali, Abuja, Nigeria. It was a great gathering of over 7500 students and associate that came to the Conference tagged The Ambassadors. Dr TV Thomas (USA), Dr Danny McCain (USA), Rev Femi Adeleye (Ghana), Rev Gideon Paramallam, Rev Mike Adegbile, Rev Kola Ejiwunmi were few of those that spoke extensively about being an Ambassador using the book of Daniel as a conference cursor. It was also great to note that Some brethren came from other countries of the world e.g. Kenya,Belarus, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom, Chad, Cameroun. The programme recorded a success as hundreds gave their lives to Christ and also saw multitude commissioned for regular and frontier mission. One of the highlight of the programme is the election and commissioning of the new NIFES national student officials. Let us pray that the ambassadors raised through this programme will not loose their identity and that they will make impact as Daniel in this generation.


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