Mission to Evacuate Sudan Christian. Lets pray for provision and safety!

Sudan (MNN) ― The Barnabas Fundis on a mission to rescue 3,500 Christians from persecution in Sudan.
Their Exodus mission started last year. Since then, Barnabas has airlifted and bussed 5,000 Christians to safety in South Sudan.
Because of recent generous donations, Barnabas is initiating a second wave of rescues. Their organization is working with Africa Inland Church to transport 3,500 more Sudanese Christians to South Sudan.
Suzy, a young mother, was one of those rescued by the Barnabas Fund’s Exodus mission. She says, “After many years of suffering and prayers, God opened the way for us.”
Barnabas still needs $118,000 to complete the mission. A bus trip to South Sudan for just one person costs $169. Barnabas is prioritizing the rescue of needy children and women, two-thirds of whom are widows.
The clock is ticking. Rainy seasons are coming, and the Christian tent communities could quickly transform into bog-like conditions. At times, the mud is reported to be waist-high, according to Barnabas.
Sudan is 98% Muslim under Sharia law. President Omar al-Bashir’s goal is to create a “100% Islamic constitution.” After their nation split in 2011, Christians in Sudan who could afford transportation escaped to South Sudan. These Christians are able to start a new life without the oppression and hostility they suffered in Sudan.
However, many Christians are still trapped living in tented camps outside Khartoum, Sudan’s capital. They have little access to food or safety. Christian leaders in Sudan have been kidnapped, arrested, threatened, and many of their churches destroyed.
Please pray for the evacuation mission and for the safety of Christians still living in Sudan.
You can be part of the rescue by supporting The Barnabas Funds Exodus mission. Click here.
About Sudan
Primary Language: Arabic, Standard
Primary Religion: Islam
Evangelical: 14.7%
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