God is at work in Togo!!!

Semasi horsemen, a key figure in Kotokoli culture, attend an Islamic holiday celebration. (Image courtesy Christian Aid)
Togo (MNN) ―Togo is home to 65 of West Africa’s people groups. According to the Joshua Project, six of these groups haven’t heard the Gospel.
Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions,says one tribe is sharing the Truth with their people.
The Tem, also known as the Kotokoli, are an under-reached tribe of over 400,000 people. According to SIM, the Kotokoli areprimarily involved in agriculture, but in urban areas they exist as merchants or taxi drivers.
Most follow the teachings of Islam, but hundreds are coming to Christ through a ministry supported by Christian Aid.
Warriors for Christ (WFC) was established in 1992 by a former Islamic Kotokoli, Christopher Djatta. He began with a goal of sending the Gospel to every village in Togo, especially the remote northern region. After more than two decades, WFC is making inroads.
WFC shares the Gospel on a local radio program, despite ongoing threats and harassment. Its three-year missions school graduates around 40 students each year who go into the field and oversee an average of 50 house churches apiece.
Because Islam is the accepted religion of the Tem, converting toChristianity from a Muslim background poses great danger. In 2012, WFC provided shelter anddiscipleship for over 100 Muslim converts.
Despite this growth, and other noteworthy advances (WFC has planted over 200 house churches), Islam continues to pose a significant challenge. Muslim missionaries from the Middle East are infiltrating poor villages with the promise of monetary reward for all who will convert to Islam. An Islamic radiobroadcast, one of several in Togo,berates Christianity.
In addition, Christian Aid says Muslims dominate Togo in trade, transportation and national education.
Pray for Christ’s power to overcome the saturation of Islamamong the Tem. Pray for spiritualbreakthrough among the unreached people of Togo.


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