What sort of Generation is this ?

Isn’t it absurd in our days that only what God cherish most is what loses value in our generation. Isn’t it crazy, to see a female exposing her pride all in the name of fashion, peer pressure and the likes. Isn’t it funny to see a male sagging his trouser all in the name of swags! I lament! Isn’t it absurd for our men of God to give us tips on issues abt life e.g. Marriage, financies, academics without regards to the Grace and work of the Holy spirit, remember the bible says: the way of a man, is not in himself!. Isn’t it crazy, to see a christian listening to music and chatting while a powerful sermon is going on! What a disrespect to the Creator! I weep for my generation! In these generation where we are all busy building our empire! What a selfish generation! I pray for a Revival in our hearts! Remember, God will be God if we men change! He needs just YOU to make a change! Know this ‘it is not done by all’! Dare to be different! Seek to follow Jesus today, tomorrow might be too late!


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