Won’t You be Like A Child?

The Child Factor!
Matthew 18 vs. 1-4 (CEV). 1. About this time, the disciples came to Jesus and asked him who would be the greatest in the kingdom. 2. Jesus asked a child to come over and stand near him 3. Then he said: I promise you this, if you don’t change and become like a child, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven. 4. But if you are as humble as this children, you are the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  It is the heartbeat of God, that all will take the kingdom of heaven in attitude as a child. It is pertinent and non-negotiable the wonderful attribute of a child. In our generation, when all wants to be a Boss! It is necessary to look at Jesus saying about and letting this be our lifestyle. The kingdom of God is not for the grown ups (hypocrites) who thinks they know it all, and can also teach it all. Unwilling to be a child learning from their master. Bunch of pretenders I all them. It is for all to have a child-like heart.  Let us again look at the attributes of a child below:  1. A Child is Innocent: a young lad is known for his innocence. He does what he thinks is right without having or showing any sign of intimidation. Even if he fights his friends, in a little while, he reconcile with his friends. We should be willing to reconcile to anyone we might have misunderstanding with and also to God he peradventure we have wronged him. Psalms 24 vs. 3-4.   2. A Child Forgives Easily: As i have earlier mentioned, it is easier for a child to forgive those who err against him. A child even tend to forget the wrong and move further with friendship. a forgiving and forgetting spirit is one attribute bestowed unto this little ones. Do you have a forgiving spirit ? Matthew 6vs 12 (Forgive so that you will be forgiven).  3. A Child is Humble. ( i do not mean to say in generality that all children are humble.) A well brought up child is seen to be humble to those older than him. He is never proud and always sees himself below his elders with an anticipation that a day will come when he will grow up like them. Humility is one of the attribute of the kingdom as God gives grace to the humble, (I hope you know that). He resists the proud. For you to make it on earth and to the kingdom, then you must do away with pride (the road to heaven is narrow, that those that are proud cannot see it and the arrogant will be too big to pass through it. Matthew 7vs13-14, John 3 vs 3). Read 1 Peter 5vs5-6, Psalms 136 vs 6, James 4 vs 6.  4. A Child is dependent: this is an attribute, worthy of emulation, the dependency of a child to their parents or wards. A child will always look up to his parent for his supplies e.g. clothing, feeding, shelter, protection, education and other good things of life. He is also said to have cofidence and faith in his parent to provide for him. He is not shaken in his demands , and can ask for anything at any time without fear or intimidation. This attribute should be part of our lifestyle; a life fully relying on God. We must be persistent in our faith on Him, Knowing that he has all things at His disposal (the Creator of the Universe), we should humbly present our demands to Him daily even our eternity for Him to empower us to live up to it. Read Haggai 2 vs 8, Matthew 7vs7-11, Matthew 6vs 25-34, Phillipians 4vs6-7 5. A Child Praises his Parent:  I try to picture a young lad, who requested for a toy car from his father, which was granted to him. Seeing Him around his friends, he was very happy and showed his friends the toy car. He was full of praise for His father and told his friends how kind and grateful his father is. This is a like attitude of most child, they show gratitude for every little or much which is been done for them by their parents. In like manner, we should show gratitude to God our Creator at all time first for who He is, then for what He has done, then we will be sure that He will do much more for us. A grateful heart is a grace-full heart. Are you grateful today? Phillipians 4 vs 6-7.  In conclusion, God desires those who will have a child-like heart,those who will be harmless, kind, loving, appreciate Him and others. He longs for those that will truly depend on Him for all things. Will you turn to Him today for Him to give you that Child-Like heart. I tell you, If you are not as humble as this Children, then you are yet to be a candidate of heaven and your sojourn on earth may be full of anguish and unfulfilment.  Remember, If you are not a Child of God, it may be hard for you to have this attribute. Here is an opportunity to come to Jesus today.  If you want to give your life to Christ, say this prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for your word, I know that I am a sinner r, forgive me my sins and wash me with your blood. I declare that I accept as my Lord and saviour today. Give unto me the Holy Spirit that I may overcome Sin. Thank you for my name is written in the Book of Life in Jesus name I pray Amen!  Congratulations! You are now a Child of God. Find a bible believing Church and Fellowship with them. Remember to read your bible and pray daily. He will hear you, He is your Father! Halleluyah! God bless you! For further enquiries contact 08062551724 or biolashonde@gmail.com or http://www.friendsofmissions.wordpress.com. Thanks


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