Those that where given specific direction and instruction about their destiny or destination of impact in life are those that have patiently waited on the Lord on the Mountain. You may ask.: but should it be a physical mountain? I will say :maybe. Which ever way it is, it is a place set aside for one to be empowered. The case of Moses readily comes to mind. A gentle, hardworking, stammerer carefully tending a flock . Exodus 3 and 4. He decided to take his flocks through a desert and a holy mountain, little did he know that the Almighty is already there waiting for Him to send him on an errand. Know this that you cannot be an errand boy for God if you do not know him. It took Him Humility, Consecration, attentive enquiry into the person of God the ‘I am’. He must have had a foreknowledge of who God is. He paid attention to details and He waited for an assurance before he set forth. God made sure Moses did not go back home unsure of his assignment. Moses went up to the mountain in order not to be distracted by the bleating of the sheep, the sand dunes of the desert. What an experience Moses had that made Him fearless in front of Pharaoh the King of Egypt then. If you need to be the next deliverer of your generation, then know that mountain experience is essential. But remember the book of psalms 16 vs 1-5 and 24 vs 3-5 is a blueprint because God cannot be mocked. You need to be clean. Who can make you whole? Jesus, the Saviour of the world. There is a grace available everyday to make you experience God. You need Jesus who will make you pure. To be a man of impart in your generation, be a man that is set apart for God. See you at the mountain top. God bless you!



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