WHAT IT TAKES TO HARVEST THE NATIONS I! It is saddening to know that most Christians have not utilized 10% of what they know or have within them. When our Master Jesus said ‘Go’ it means leaving a position, ‘into’ meaning penetrate, ‘all’ meaning no exception, ‘the World’ divided into 4 forms 1. Geography: this may have to do with continents,countries, states etc. 2. Religion: this may have to do with the different form of religion e.g Islam,Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, False Christianity (I hope you know them) etc. 3. Society: this includes The young, old, men, women, the less privilege, the well to do etc. 4. Profession: includes the business world, politics, entertainment, technological world, medical world etc. We are commanded to go into this World to Make Disciples. The question that intensely blows my mind is that ‘why are we not going?’ this may be rhetorical but i know that God will open our eyes to see. Back to the Topic ‘what does it take to harvest the nations?’ Come with me as we learn under God and treat the following: 1. Open your bible to Matthew 28 vs. 16-17. This verse of the scripture tells us that for nations to be harvested,We that are called to the Nations must be WORSHIPPERS. God is not looking for Church Goers but Worshippers. The Great Commission begins with a Worship. ‘Mission field is a place where there is no worship of God. Mission base (Church) is a place where there is worship of Him. Jesus is the one that is attractive to sinners for He is the Saviour, if He be Lifted up (Worship), he will draw men unto Himself. Evangelism is our primary calling as a missionary. Then what is worship? Romans 12 vs. 1 gives the answer, a Holy and pleasing life of Sacrifice. If believers truely worship, it will not be difficult to mobilize other believers or worshipper to fund and provide resources for missions, because worshippers would have surrendered all to Him. Be a worshipper and not a Church Goer. 2. If the Nations were to be harvested, we must have a STRATEGIC VISION. It should be noted that vision is different from seeing. We have to have a strategic and achievable vision in Unity of the body of Christ. Lets check (John 4 vs 35, 1 Peter 5 vs. 7, Philippians 4 vs. 6-7). We need to catch the vision of World Evangelisation and make awareness, mobilization for missions. having a Mission Theology is also important. 3. INTERCESSION: As our prayer life for nations weakens, so is our reaching out to them weakens. Matthew 12 vs. 29, it takes God’s Light as people prays for the Veil of heathenism to be lifted. Our prayer should include God’s utterance to His Servant (Ephesians 6 vs. 19). Prayer is the Work of mission. We need to be groaners for His will to be done all over the World. I will end this part by stating the 4 degrees you need in the work of mission, they are as follows: 1. B.A meaning Born Again. 2. M.A meaning Master’s Assurance of salvation. 3. M.S.C meaning Mastering life Situation and Circumstances. 4. P.H.D meaning Power to Handle Demons. It is my desire that we follow the Master’s foot print to see that all is done to harvest the nations. God bless you. (from the message of Uncle Sam Kputu at Christian Missionary Foundation’s African Deliverance Conference at School of Missions Idere. On the 15 – 19 August 2012. It was edited by Shonde Abiola D. It should be noted that This is not a verbatim of the message).


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