Counting the cost in missions

One of those things i have come to know that the Work of Missions or Great Commission is one that shouldn’t be taken with levity! It is just like one wanting to go to London, such person have to plan before embarking on the travelling processes. One that will go far to see that Gods will is proclaimed and His Kingdom is established among the heathen, knowing that the Earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof. study this carefully:
1. There should be a clear confirmation of ur calling from God, this is neccessary so that one will hit hard those hardened soil of heathenism.As God is the one who chooses( John 15 vs 16).
2. It should follow by seeking God’s face the more. It should be stressed here that one needs to be DISCIPLED, for one to disciple others. There should be a commitment to God in place of Prayer, fasting, devotion to Gods word etc. ‘For we know God the more by our Worship of Him’.
3. There is a need for parental consent, and also approval from one’s Church, friends, family member etc, for them to be aware and give support to an intending missionary by praying, giving etc towards the assignment.
4. An intending Labourer should have learn’t to trust God for all things. This is crucial as times may arise that one may be short of financial, material, spiritual supplies which may lead such labourer to discouragement. Trusting in God will be like Oil put in between a frictional part, such part will be lubricated and there will be an ease. Remember ‘God’s Work, done in God’s Way, at God’s Time, in God’s Location will not lack God’s Supply’. (John 15 vs 5, Philippians 4vs19).
5. Enlightment and Education on what missions is could be done by an intending. Knowledge about Cross cultural mission, short term missions, medical missions, agricultural missions will help the labourer to do well as he is received on the mission trip. It is also of a necessity for an intending missionary to attend missions/evangelism conferences where he meets and interact with other missionary, gathering experience from them, this may even lead to networking with people who has a vision similar to yours! (Proverbs 13 vs 20, 15 vs 22, 27 vs 17).
In conclusion, counting the cost of missions is a call to us all never to be scared, but to trust God and do His biddings as we see to it that The Gospel is preached to all man. Giving our all to Him sacrificially, what Christ needs is Y.O.U. Give ur self to missions and evangelism today and make Our Master happy. ‘You cannot be my disciple unless you carry your own Cross and Come with me’. (luke 14 vs 27).
God bless you all.
Shonde A.D


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